SwimToday has announced the debut of Eau de Chlôrine, a powerful scent that swims in a world of sporty-spicy freshness while retaining the zesty notes of a life emboldened by aquatic activities. Designed for athletes and goal-crushers everywhere, Eau de Chlôrine is the first-ever fragrance that uses unique chemistry to customize the scent to the wearer.

“We worked with our fragrance scientists to capture the smell of success, which is a little different for everyone,” said Matt Farrell, chief innovation officer, USA Swimming. “We are excited to share this new, personalized aroma innovation with the world.”

Eau de Chlôrine is a mysteriously bold fragrance that opens with pungent, powerful notes of bleach, creating an exhilarating rush for the senses. A subtle aroma of human sweat follows, combining with undertones of one’s personal musk to create a custom scent. With a watery-wet aesthetic, this fragrance entices and provides a shot of adrenaline to the senses. The bottle was inspired by the cool blue hues of an Olympic pool and features a sleek, minimalist design, creating a sense of authority and tranquility. This compelling cologne/perfume is favored by swimmers of all levels, including U.S. Olympic Swimming Team members Allison Schmitt, Haley Anderson and Cullen Jones.

“For us, Eau de Chlôrine captures that indescribable feeling you get when you dive into the pool for the first time,” said Farrell. “Some might find it intolerable, but to us it represents competition, endurance and the drive to succeed.”

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